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Creative Small Business Website Services


Web Design

Increase website traffic and gain new business opportunities with a professionally designed website and search engine optimization.
Mobile-friendly designs that will make finding you and your products/services easy. We can design from scratch or give your current site a fresh new professional look. 

Top 8 Reasons You Need a Website

  1. Because your grandma thinks you're unemployed: Having a website will finally give your grandma some peace of mind. Now she can stop telling the entire family that you spend your days binge-watching cat videos and eating cereal straight from the box.

  2. To give your cat a job title: Let's face it, your feline friend is already the unofficial CEO of your home office. Why not make it official on your website? Clients will be thrilled to know that Mr. Whiskers is overseeing all critical operations, including napping and knocking pens off the desk.

  3. Avoiding awkward social situations: Tired of explaining what you do at awkward family gatherings? Just hand out business cards with your website on them. Now Uncle Bob can read about your "innovative synergy in the digital space" instead of asking you what that actually means.

  4. Because your competitors have one: In the business world, it's like having the latest fashion accessory. You wouldn't want your business to be caught without the must-have item of the season, would you? It's the business equivalent of not wearing socks with sandals.

  5. To make your cat famous: Instagram is so yesterday. Your cat deserves a more permanent spotlight. A website allows you to showcase your furry friend's talents, from acrobatic jumps to perfecting the art of looking unimpressed.

  6. To prove your existence: Ever googled a business and found nothing? It's like they never existed. Don't let your business fall into the Bermuda Triangle of the internet. A website is like your digital ID card – without it, people might question if you're just an elaborate prank.

  7. Because "404 Not Found" is a lonely place: Every time someone mistypes your business name or forgets the '.com,' a digital tumbleweed rolls by. Save visitors from the disappointment of an empty void and give them a destination worth exploring. A website is like a virtual welcome mat – minus the awkward small talk.

  8. Your time should be spent doing what you do best, and have us do what we do best: Think of it this way: you wouldn't hire a plumber to fix your computer or ask a chef to perform open-heart surgery. In the same vein, let the pros (us, of course) handle the digital sorcery while you work your magic in your area of expertise.

We'll give it to you straight. No runaround, no technical jargon. You'll only get what you need. And, given the fact that you've read this far, you apparently need a new website. 

Website Design & Development

Are you tired of cookie cutter websites? Your site is built just for you. Unique to your needs and tastes. We've been designing for over 30 years. It will look professional, creative and be optimized to look good on mobile devices.

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

If you have a website and nobody can find it, does it actually exist? We will help you drive traffic to your site with the ever changing SEO, SERP, CPC, CTR, and GOFGC (good old fashioned great content) strategies. 

Branding &
Graphic Design

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Well... while great content is actually the be all end all, we can at least help you look like you have your act together. We've been doing that for companies for over 30 years.

Website Maintenance & Support

Most websites get a lot of love for the first 3-6 months, then are left to fend for themselves. This is where we differ from all other options. We actually care about you. And will continue to monitor, maintain and update your site regularly.



Meet Eric Troppman and Tod Whitman, the dynamic duo on a mission to rescue the little guys in the business world! These two amigos didn't just stumble into entrepreneurship; they saw a need in the vast digital landscape and decided to be the caped crusaders for small businesses everywhere.

In a world where big companies are throwing around cash like confetti for fancy websites and SEO, Eric and Tod thought, "Hey, what about the little guy?" They realized that small businesses deserve a slice of the digital pie without having to mortgage their office furniture. So, armed with passion and a solid understanding of the struggles of being a small business or startup, they set out to create a haven for the underdogs.

These aren't just business partners; they're long-time friends and co-conspirators. They know the ins and outs of being small because, well, they've been there. And they get it – the sleepless nights, the coffee-fueled brainstorming sessions, and the constant hustle.

What sets them apart? They're not just offering web design and digital marketing services; they're offering trust. They understand the importance of finding reliable allies in the business world. So, if you're a small business looking for a digital guardian angel, Eric and Tod are your go-to guys. Because when it comes to your business, they've got your back – and your website's back, too!



Here it is. That decision point—feeling like you're standing at the crossroads. Yet, there's no need for nerves. Feel free to throw any question our way (we won't even ask for your credit card number). What you'll receive is an honest response—perhaps not always aligning with your expectations, but just maybe, it will be the push you need to ignite your venture into the realms of digital marketing and business expansion, unlocking possibilities you never deemed achievable.


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Harrisburg, PA 17111


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